[l2h] How to keep automatically-generated images in main html document

Michel DeGraff degraff@MIT.EDU
Fri, 11 Oct 2002 09:05:09 -0400

Dear all,

This must be an easy question, although I can't seem to solve it.

I am trying to keep all the automatically-generated image (.gif) files
into the main html documents.  But I can't seem to succeed.

I have the following setting in my .latex2html-init file:


But I still get a bunch of links in the html document pointing to .gif

For example, relex.tex  has the line

\fbox{\texttt{Manuscript as of 11 October 2002 --- Comments welcome}}

for which latex2html generates

<!-- MATH: $\fbox{\texttt{Manuscript as of
11 October 2002 --- Comments welcome}}$ -->
 ALT="\fbox{\texttt{Manuscript as of
11 October 2002 --- Comments welcome}}">

I list the contents of img4.gif at the bottom of this message.

So my question is this: how to make sure that the contents of img4.gif
and all other .gif files are inserted directly in to relex.html?

I am using LaTeX2HTML 98.1 release (February 19th, 1998) with the
setting "$HTML_VERSION = 4.0".  (This is the only version that is made
accessible on my system.  I have asked for an upgrade and am still
waiting, fingers crossed...)

Thank you very much,


P.S.  Here are the content of img4.gif: