[l2h] already generated image inclusion

bligneri@physique.usherb.ca bligneri@physique.usherb.ca
Thu, 3 Oct 2002 00:08:50 -0300

Thanks for all your ankwers,

Here is a working solution for my problem :

[ I did not mention that I copy all the .png files of the figs directory
  to the location where will be generated the latex2html doc. As a
  consequence, my path were correct... ]

The exact feature I wanted was there but not working because of the of the 
.\sbsext dynamic extention definition of graphical extension. I just removed 
this in all the files and it now generate the html I want (well, I have
to copy the fig directory in the directory where latex2html generate
it's doc).

Thanks for your help !

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