[l2h] already generated image inclusion

bligneri@physique.usherb.ca bligneri@physique.usherb.ca
Wed, 2 Oct 2002 22:47:17 -0300


> > I'd like to use already generated images (png) in a converted latex2html
> > document for the OSCAR project (oscar.sf.net).
> > Original images are screenshots and are then converted to eps automatically.
> > 
> > I wonder how to use the original images (png) into the HTML document
> > rendered by latex2html. The default behavior is to convert images to png
> > with a given scale factor which produce a poor quality output
> > (png->eps->png !).
> \usepackage{html}
> \htmladdimg[<options>]{<URL>}

It worked but I've got now another problem ! I don't wan't my images to
be include twice (one automatically generated from the eps and the other
one added with the \htmladdimg command).

I tried to play with the \latex and \begin{latexonly}... commands and
environments but without success. Most of the time, my figure
environment are "complex" and include some subfigure but without
success. However, after several trial and error, this solution is still not working ;-((

Here is a code sample of a typical figure with the:

    \caption{Step 2 -- Building the image.}

However, it does not work at all : no figure is present in the HTML
document. What is the proper procedure to have the awaited behavior ?

Maybe I can now "refine" my initial question / feature request :

    Is it possible that, if an included image of the same name (but with a bitmap 
    extension (.gif, .png, .jpg) is already present in the same directory of
    the image, latex2html use (and copy?) the bitmap image instead of an
    automatically generated bitmap image from the "original" (well, from
    LaTeX and LaTeX2Html point of vue !!).

I think that this will allow documents that use eps generated images (ie from
bitmap images like screenshots) to be directly usable with latex2html with a very good
quality and without any modification/specific code to the original LaTeX

Once again, if such a feature exists, I'm sorry for the rethinking and
requestionning !


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