[l2h] style-sheet question

Ulrich Gruenebaum Ulrich Gruenebaum <grueneba@zkom.de>
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 15:03:52 +0100 (MET)


is there a commandline option to LaTeX2HTML
to include the generated style-sheet into
the html document(s) instead of linking it
from an extra file?

If not, perhaps take this as a suggestion to
implement that feature ;-) 

Including the style-sheet into the html document
could be the default with LaTeX2HTML option
"-split 0".

In my special case, I need a *single* html file
which I can give away to others for information
purposes, so I am using option "-split 0". It is
a bit annoying that I always have to send them
two files (the html and the css file), especially
as the css file is nearly empty. In fact,
I removed the link to the css file from my
html document by hand, and it still works fine.

Thanks for your response!

Best regards

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