[l2h] table borders

Jarkko Lavinen jlavi@iki.fi
Sat, 9 Mar 2002 19:00:38 +0200

I am using a LaTex table defined with 


I am using right and left aligned column next to each other with no space
or border between them. I need this to align strings to decimal point.

When I convert this into HTML with latex2html (2K.1beta) I face two 

First, Latex2html creates a html table with CELLPADDING=3 BORDER="1". Because 
I do not want border or gap around the decimal point it would look much better 

Second, the empty declration @{} is convertted into a new column. The column
contains nothing but has border and cellpadding and there is now visible
distance between the right and left aligned columns. I could declare the
LaTeX table without @{} but then the paper version would look ugly.

Is there a way to change latex2html's default behaviour with respect to
table borders and cellspacing? And could it be modified to ignore "@{}"?

Jarkko Lavinen