[l2h] using latex2html as a filter to create images

Graeme Lufkin gwl@u.washington.edu
Tue, 05 Mar 2002 16:59:19 -0800

	Here's what I want to do: given a string of math-mode latex (ex: "$\alpha 
= \frac{2 \pi}{\gamma}$" ), I want to get a gif (or png) image that 
represents this equation, as latex would format it.  Since latex2html 
does this in the course of its job, I'm looking for help here.
	Best case scenario: I need to script or set of arguments to latex2html 
that accepts a string of valid math-mode latex from stdin (or a file, I 
guess) and spits out an image of the rendered stuff.
	- Graeme
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