[l2h] new version of source file

David R. Morrison drm@math.duke.edu
Mon, 4 Mar 2002 09:43:22 -0500

Hello.  The "current" version of the source file was changed on the l2h
website on March 2.  Thanks to the developers for making an updated version
of the program available. 

However, I have a small complaint about the fact that the file was changed
without changing the name or the version number.  There are now (at least)
two incompatible versions of latex2html-2K.1beta.tar.gz floating around.
Shouldn't a revision like this be an occasion of rejoicing and changing the
version number?

(Here's the headache which this caused me: I make l2h available to Mac OS X
users by means of the "fink" project, which downloads source files, patches
them for Mac OS X when necessary,  and compiles them locally.  Changing
the source file without changing its name messes this process up.  I have
fixed this for now by making the "old" version available on a different web
site, but it will be difficult to make the new version work with our
project unless it gets a different name than the old version.)

  -- Dave Morrison, l2h maintainer at fink