[l2h] Progress and thanks...

Peter N. Yianilos pny@pnylab.com
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 10:01:20 -0400

Thanks to Ross and Joachim for their help.

I downloaded netpbm 9.25 and installed it on my Red Hat 7.2 system.
There was no RPM, but the available tgz installed without problems.

As a result the cropping problem I was seeing is gone.

But the generated image backgrounds still don't match the general
background, and I'm not sure I understand what Ross and Joachim 
said about this.

     Ross said: The gray is meant to be transparent.
     Currently this doesn't happen because the black `cropping bars' have not
     been removed, so the correct background color index is not being found,
     to determine which color should be made transparent.

     Joachim said: use white as background :-)

I tried the -white option, and it did not help.  I tried manual editing
index.html to make the general background white (ffffff), and that left
the images gray.

Is there any work-around known?

Also, please let me know if posting my reply to the general list, rather
than to the individuals, is appropriate for your list.