[l2h] error converting images

chris cpage@cs.man.ac.uk
Thu, 13 Jun 2002 10:46:11 +0100 (BST)

> With mandrake 8.2 and the latest version of latex2html, i have the
> error messages when converting using gif format :
> Error while converting image
> Converting image #13
> pstoimg: Error: "/usr/bin/ppmquant -floyd 256 <
> /tmp/l2h17648/p18820.pnm | /usr/bin/ppmtogif -interlace -trans
> '#ffffff'  > img13.gif" failed: Repérage illégal
> Any idea ?

This is a problem I recently encountered. With the help of people on this
list and a bit of digging in the script I found the problem is in the
make_latex subroutine. Open /usr/bin/latex2html in an editor and go to
line 6783 which should read

unless ($preamble);

As Ross (IIRC) told me, change this to read

unless ($preamble && $preamble !~ /^\s+$/s);

Then save the file and try again - it fixed the problem here.