[l2h] obviously pstoimg.bat doesn't find some command from DOS-Shell,

Ulrich Diez ulrich.diez@student.uni-tuebingen.de
Mon, 10 Jun 2002 20:53:09 +0200

Greetings !

These days I try to install Latex2HTML on a Win 95 machine but it doesn't work.
(Win95,  Miktex 2.1 (dvips 5.86), Gs 7.03,  GNU Netpbm 10.1, Perl 5.6.1; their bin-directories are in 
  DOS search-path.via autoexec.bat; None of the bin-directories has a dot somewhere in its path. 
  Everything is on the same Drive. (C: ) )
After extracting latex2html-2002-1.tar.gz to a temporary directory (also in C: and without a dot in path-
name), and  modifying prefs.pm   line 136 to $prefs{'PREFIX'} = 'C:\\PROGRAMME\\EDITORS\\L2H';
and running config.bat, everything sems to be alright. There are no Error-Messages.

But when I try to run test.bat (- after the checkings, the window-title changes to "perl", that means that 
latex2html.bat which is called by test.bat is running some perlscript -) many errors occur:
The first error-message comes from DOS (in German: Befehl oder Dateiname nicht gefunden = Command 
or Filename not found) as the perl-part in latex2html.bat which is called by test bat or probably the Perl-part
in pstoimage.bat which is called by latex2html or something else obviously passes a wrong command-line to 
DOS. Many
errors follow.

This happens right after the screen-output of dvips:

Generating postscript images using dvips
This is dvips 
.... <many option-stuff> ...    <-the ps-file exists/comes into being in subdirectory: C:\Windows\temp\l2h876551\image001.ps
Converting image #1
Befehl oder Dateiname nicht gefunden <-After! outputting this DOS Error-Message, the ps-file gets deleted/doesn't 
                                                                exist any  longer. 
PSTOIMG.BAT: Error: Couldn't find pnm output of C:\Windows\temp\l2h876551\image001.ps
ERROR Cannot read img1.png. No such file or directory.

(The same - of course happens to image 2)

I am not familiar with perl at all, nevertheless - as there are many mails in the archive with the same problem but no satisfying answer - I am supposed to try to help myself.
I suppose that the DOS-command which is not found, is called either by latex2html.bat or by pstoimg.bat .
Therefore I need to know the following:

- What does a Perl-Command which calls a DOS-Command for execution generally look like ?
-  Is it correct, that test.bat calls latex2html.bat, latex2html.bat runs itself on perl and within perl calls the perl-part
   of pstoimage.bat for image-conversion ?
- In which sub-files of pstoimg.bat or latex2html.bat are the calls for Ghostscript ?
- What name does the perl-variable have that points to the GhostScript-Directory ?

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely

Ulrich Diez