[l2h] Re: General HTML generation questions

Joachim Schlosser joachim@schlosser.info
Wed, 5 Jun 2002 22:33:25 +0200

Hi Bruce,

> This one's due to a mixup in the repository that is copying
> graphics.perl on top of graphicx.perl, the correct one is
> attached. [I don't see any effect from calc when the correct
> graphicx is in place].

Indeed, this was the solution to the problem. I had to apply two patches
to the file.
The first fixes a problem with including png images, as the config script
sets the PNMTOPNG variable, not the PPMTOPNG. The second one fixes a
problem occurring with Windows due to the path delimiter. When embedding
into a webpage it has to be '/' regardless of the platform, so hardcode

diff -U 0 --new-file --recursive
--- latex2html-2002-1/styles/graphics-support.perl	2002-04-28
07:15:02.000000000 +0200
+++ latex2html-2002-1.patched/styles/graphics-support.perl	2002-06-05
22:25:21.000000000 +0200
@@ -109 +109 @@
@@ -312 +312 @@
-      my $dst = ".$dd$name$ext";
+      my $dst = "./$name$ext";

> > Thanks a lot for any advice
> Keine problem.  Shouldn't that address be .alt instead of .org??

No, it is alright. It was the only free domain at that time...

In order to get all patches for 1.68 that fix
- title generation for multiple authors (thanks Knut)
- tabularx support	(thanks Knut, Ross)
- booktabs support by ignoring (thanks Ross)
- windows specific issues (thanks me :-) )
get my patch file from

Best Regards