[l2h] General HTML generation questions

jo_latex2html@schlossers.org jo_latex2html@schlossers.org
4 Jun 2002 20:12:56 -0000

Hi all, 

I have some questions regarding the general HTML generation.

1. If I want to use the \HTMLset{target}{\_blank} functionality for
opening links in a new window, I have to use frames, because the other
solution does not work on my system. Unfortunately this introduces the
problem that the background color is set to white in the <body> tag,
which is bad for me due to automatic use of the generated file. So what
would be nice if I:
- either could define the target frame without generating frames. Maybe
redefine \htmladdnormallink{caption}{url} to
- or have the option of no background color generated in frame mode.

2. At the end of each page a <hr> is generated, even with the option
-noaddress. What do you think, doesn't this belong together, regarding
this option?

3. Paragraphs have only <P> but not </P>, which would be more compliant
to well-formed HTML and allow strict browsers to apply CSS for
paragraphs. Additionally, before a <Hx> tag an additional <P> is

4. [OT] \ref{foo}: Of course this produces the section number. But
usually we don't have section numbers in the HTML file. Is there a way
in LaTeX to have references that are equal to hyperlinks, kind of a
\textref[the text for the link]{sec:thesection} ?

5. Version 1.68 does not produce graphics under my Win2k, while 1.67
does perfectly. Whom should I send output and examples, and what
information exactly do I need to send, resp. what verbosity to set or
how to call the image generation script in order to allow

Thanks in advance for any help, I just wanted to ask if someone else has
already a solution for there problems or they are planned to be solved
anyway prior to me patching something.

Best Regards