[l2h] where can I get LATEX2HTML conversion service

HuangSiniu HuangSiniu <hsn@ns.dept3.buaa.edu.cn>
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 21:06:37 +0800

Hello ,dear everyone,

I'm a Chinese. I want to translate my tex(CJK) files to html , but I
can't install the Latex2Html properly with MikTex.

I find http://saftsack.fs.uni-bayreuth.de/%7Elatex2ht/node1.html

The upcoming 99.2 is now in beta status - check out the latest version. 
An instant LATEX2HTML conversion service is being prepared on this site: Upload your LaTeX file and few moments later you'll be able to view your document with your browser and download the conversion result!

So there should be  an instant LATEX2HTML conversion service on the site. But
I have no idea how and where I should upload my tex files onto the the

I'm wondering if someone would do me a favour to tell me where I could get LATEX2HTML conversion
service on the internet.

Thank you very much.


Best regards,