[l2h] XHTML Support

Peter Bray peter_darren_bray@yahoo.com
Sat, 19 Jan 2002 00:19:09 +1100 (EST)

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	I have beening looking at LaTeX2HTML (version latex2html-2K.1beta) and
wondering if anybody had implemented XHTML support
(http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/) yet?

	The main issues I saw in the generated code are 

	1. XHTML tags are in lowercase while LaTeX2HTML generates them in
uppercase (actually I like that - but its not XHTML)
	2. Not all attribute values have double quotes around the value itself
EG <tag attr=value> needs to be <tag attr="value">
	3. The single tags (eg <br>) need to be emitted in XML format (eg
	4. Other minor issues such as DTD Decl, etc

	It looks (and I could be wrong) that a new file in the versions/
directory is required, but I was hestiating about "block copying"
almost 60K code from html4_0.pl - Bring me to the questions

	Q: Is anyone working on XHTML support ?
	Q: Is there a better way then copy and modify to add XHTML Support?
	Q: Is someone working on merging the code base for all versions?

	I bet your asking why he would want XHTML support ?
	My Answer: XSL/XSLT, the tranformation language of XML.
	I'm working with them at the moment and and they have a lot of power
to offer - it fact it may even simplify the LaTeX2HTML code base, but
that was not my reason ;-)

	I was about write a simple perl script to edit the generated HTML a
little and realised it would be an easy task for an XSLT processor like
James Clark's XT or Gnome's libxlst's xsltproc.


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