[l2h] bug in LaTeX2HTML

Sander van Geloven svgeloven@zonnet.nl
Wed, 16 Jan 2002 13:58:50 -0500


When I use a Dutch class from ntgclass, e.g. \documentclass{artikel3},
and I have at the beginning of my document a \selectlanguage{english}
the LaTeX output in a .dvi is as follows for the header of the contents:

Contents (this is OK)

If I have a \selectlanguage{dutch}, the header of contents is:

Inhoudsopgave (this is also OK)

This is all correct. But in the first example, LaTeX2HTML outputs for
the header of contents:

Inhoudsopgave (this should be Contents)

also the navigation links get dutch names.

Could LaTeX2HTML be fixed so that it produces the same output as latex
does concerning this problem?