[l2h] theorems

Anja Ramona Hofmann Anja.Hofmann@imm.unil.ch
Fri, 11 Jan 2002 11:18:09 -0100

While converting a large latex file that uses the ntheorem package for
theorems, I encountered the following problem:  Unless I changed tha
package to amsthm and used only \theoremstyle{plain} the entire theorems
were converted into images - even if they didn't contain any equations or
special characters.
For the conversion, I used the following options:
    latex2html - html_version 4.0,math -no_math -image_type gif
-show_section_numbers -white -scalable_fonts -antialias content.tex
Inside the configuration file I set the extrascale factor to 4, the math
scale factor to 1.3 and the figure scale factor to 1.0 (in order to make
single special characters fit into the text neatly).
In my case, this turns out to be quite time-consuming - and the text
inside the images isn't very legible.
Is there any possibility to convert theorems into something else than
images, for example inside a table without borders or using html
definition tags?
Thank you very much in advance!
Yours sincerely,
Anja Hofmann