[l2h] \verb rendered by tex (e.g., when used in math mode)

Logan Hanks logan@vt.edu
Sun, 24 Feb 2002 13:58:00 -0500

    I was using \verb in math mode, and noticed that LaTeX2HTML caused
it to be rendered as \verb* (that is, with the space markers).  Upon
examining the LaTeX2HTML source, I found this subroutine:

sub revert_verb_marks {
    # Modifies $_

    As you can see, \verb* is being presumed unconditionally, regardless
of whether it is actually wanted.  Obviously I can provide a short fix
by deleting that * character, for my own purposes, but could this be
fixed in general, so that it remembers whether \verb or \verb* was used
and behave appropriately?


y(c){return putchar(c);}main(){y(y(y(17+y(y(55+y(y(y(54+y(y(13+