[l2h] numbering figures and inputenc package problem

PROF. OSCAR DUARTE ogduarte@ing.unal.edu.co
Tue, 12 Feb 2002 11:26:00 -0500 (COT)


I have found two different problems with the numbers of figures in latex2html, and I hope somebody could help me.

Problem I:

If I use the package inputenc (Actually I write spanish documents) the number of the figures do not appear in the html version for those figures whose caption include any spanish character; The number is missing in the list of figures, the cross references and the caption of the figuer.

For example, try the following document:

  See figure \ref{fig}

When I run l2h, I get a message "no number for xxx", with xxx the caption of the figure.
Note: the caption of the figure has the spanish o with accent (ASCII 162), which is equivalent to the command \'o

I have found a strategy to avoid this problem, but it is not very good to me, because I would have to change a lot of tex documents::

- To change the caption of the figure, avoiding non-english characters; in the example, I can use the \'o instruction instead of the spanish chartacter, and the numbers of the figures appear.

Problem II:

The hyperreferences to figures and tables are made with an image (a little square 'crossreference.png') instead of the number of the figure/table. Is this a feature or an option of l2h? I would prefer the number, but I do not know how...

Thanks in advance for your help...

Oscar Duarte
Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica
Universidad Nacional de Colombia