[l2h] small bug 2K.1beta (1.61)

Ulrich G. Wortmann uliw@erdw.ethz.ch
06 Feb 2002 13:55:35 +0100

Hi there,

I've downloaded the latest l2h (not cvs) from the repository. 
Running this release on an already existing document, shows that a
the top-frame (i.e., the one with the buttons), is repeated at the
bottom of the page.

I discovered this only accidentaly, because my browser window was set
to a very small width. An example of this can be seen


when viewed in netscape, the page looks pretty normal. However, when
you reduce the width of the netscape window to a few centimeters, you
will see a scrollbar appearing at the bottom o the netscape window -
indicating the presence of a 4th frame. For comparison, see



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