[l2h] troubles converting equations to gif

Fernando Rangel Fernando Rangel" <rangel@enst.fr
Wed, 6 Feb 2002 12:59:04 -0000

Hello, I have the same problem described in the messagem bellow. Can someone
give me any help.

When latex2html gets to the point where it is using gs
to convert the gifs, it gives the following message

GS>Writing img16.gif
ppmtogif: computing colormap...
ppmtogif: 2 colors found
usage:  ppmtogif [-interlace] [-sort] [-map mapfile] [ppmfile]
Could not make img16.gif transparent: Illegal seek

This happens to ever image it tries to make.
Generates incorrect HTML
This happens for every file with images that I try to
None so far.