[l2h] Questions on implementing ifthen.perl

Leigh Smith leigh@leighsmith.com
Mon, 23 Dec 2002 17:24:43 -0500

While the conditional commands in the html.perl package are great when 
choosing which code to process depending on latex2html or LaTeX2e are 
being used, I sometimes need conditional processing when processing 
with LaTeX2e. I assume html.perl can't do general purpose conditional 
processing with LaTeX2e?

I have a partially complete implementation of ifthen.perl to support
  \ifthenelse{condition}{cond true commands}{cond false commands}

One thing that stymies me is that the parameter sent to 
do_cmd_ifthenelse is delimited by the next \section/\subsection 
command. This produces problems if you want to conditionally process a 
section, i.e.

\section{This is a section that will be processed if dothissection is 

And it's contents.
\section{This is a section that will be processed if dothissection is 

And it's contents.

I assume that ifthenelse needs to be processed via 
&substitute_meta_cmds since according to the documentation, these are 
processed prior to splitting the input text into chunks at section 

The other issue raised in a previous mail list posting by Ross is it 
seems booleans are not guaranteed to expand in the same way in 
latex2html than in LaTeX, I can live with/work around that, although 
fairly simple set of commands like



in 1.70 of latex2html.pin always produce 0. I've sent the changes to 
Ross to fix those bugs in \boolean processing. However, am I correct in 
assuming latex2html-2002-2-1.tar.gz is still the latest release?

The link http://saftsack.fs.uni-bayreuth.de/~latex2ht/current/ from 
www.latex2html.org lists all files as written on the 29th of November 
2002, I assume the other ones cover releases in 1999 (i.e 
latex2html-99.2beta8.tar.gz)  and 2000 (latex2html-2K.1beta.tar.gz)?

Do I understand that to mean latex2html-2002-2-1.tar.gz does not change 
it's name when updates have been made, or that no changes have been 
made since the 2002-2-1 release?

I'm sorry for all the questions, but the version numbering in the name 
of the tarball seems non-standard. Also, am I correct in assuming that 
the CVS repository itself is not accessible but only a checked out 
distribution accessible at 

In any case, the changes I made to 1.70 of latex2html.pin are:

<     if (defined $global{$bool}) { $val= $global{$bool} }
 >     if (defined $global{"if$bool"}) {
 >       $val= $global{"if$bool"}
 >     }
<       $global{"if$bool"} = (($val = ~/true/) ? 1 : 0);
 >       $global{"if$bool"} = (($val =~ /true/) ? 1 : 0);

Once ifthen.perl is a bit more functional, I'd like to contribute it to 
the distribution.

Happy Holidays
Leigh Smith