[l2h] hello everybody

Jan Rakelmann JanRakelmann@web.de
Sun, 15 Dec 2002 21:28:30 +0100


 * Ross Moore wrote:

 > You can make the translator split files at any sectioning-level;
 > e.g. \subsection \subsubsection  \paragraph  etc.
 > Use the  -split <num>   switch, or set the  $MAX_SPLIT_DEPTH
 > parameter.

 Yes, I know the option.

 > Yes; that's true.
 > The maximum length of the coding is ~200 characters, for
 > compatibility
 > with older database (DBM) software with Perl.
 > You could change this, with some strategic edits in the  latex2html
 > Perl script.
 > (Better is to find the appropriate subroutine, then place an edited
 > copy
 > within an initialisation file.)

 I'm not a good Perlprogrammer. This is a very goog task for me. ;-)

 > > This is very bad, the students can't reading the uncompletly
 > > TeX-Code.
 >  ... do they really *want* to read the TeX code ?

 Not really, but TeX is the smallest point of communication. For other
 example is MathML.

 > If the image is of a text-based environment, then it is surely better
 > to devise an appropriate translation into HTML.
 > Use conditional coding:
 > \usepackage{html}


 I will test this tip.