[l2h] hello everybody

Jan Rakelmann JanRakelmann@web.de
Sun, 8 Dec 2002 22:44:17 +0100

I'm a student at Department of Computer Science, Dresden University of
Technology. My job at University is converting documentation into the
HTML-Format for using by handycaped students at my Department.
The students can read the HTML with lynx and very large literal on the

This is a good thing, and the converter latex2html is mostly a great
start for me.

But, I have two large problems in this situation:

The goal is a page-to-page conversation to HTML. If I have a tex-file I
can use LaTeX and make by the end a ps-file. At this ps-file the layout
at page is ok.
The important point in this situation is the HTML-file the converter
make a file chapter to chapter, not page to page.

What can I do to convert a page-of-page document?

And second.
If the converter found a large picture, he wrote as HTML alternative-tag
TeX-code. It' s ok, but in the center he make two cuts and the code is
not complete.
This is very bad, the students can't reading the uncompletly TeX-Code.

What is the way for the correctly TeX-Code at the HTML alternative-tag?

thanks and regards from Dresden/Germany