[l2h] Image directory is not transferable

Daniel Brewer d.brewer@ucl.ac.uk
Wed, 28 Aug 2002 12:03:19 +0000

I tried to use the approach below but I still got a full path in my html.
In the latex:

Goes to in html:
  ALIGN="BOTTOM" BORDER="0" SRC="/home/daniel/Test/images/yoyo.jpg"
  ALT="Image /home/daniel/Test/images/yoyo.jpg"></TD></TR>

As you can see the path is /home/daniel/Test/images/yoyo.jpg, I would 
like it to be ./images/yoyo.jpg.

I am new to latex2html and just used the default settings.  Is there any 
settings that are needed for this kind of behaviour?


Daniel Brewer

On Thursday, August 15, 2002, at 05:39 PM, Molly Weems wrote:

> On Mon, 12 Aug 2002, Daniel Brewer wrote:
>> I have a latex document with various images
>> in it.  When I run latex2html on it with the default settings it
>> produces a great html document.  The problem is that when I transfer it
>> to my website server the images (not the maths symbols etc. just the
>> actually images) in the html point to where they were on my home 
>> machine
>> e.g. /home/daniel/latexdoc/.  As my home machine isn't connected to the
>> web permeantly it means that the images become broken links.
>> Is there anyway to get the images to be self-contained in the directory
>> produced by latex2html ao that I can just copy the directory to my
>> webserver and it work?  I can go through the entire html changing the
>> links but this is pretty tiresome.
> FWIW, the way we solve this is to use relative paths in the latex
> document. For example:
>   \includegraphics[height=3in]{figures/lmplot_anim}
> Note that it *doesn't* say
>   \includegraphics[height=3in]{users/weems/figures/lmplot_anim}
> The relative path produces html that reads:
>   SRC="../figures/lmplot_anim.gif"
> Then when I copy from one machine to another, I copy the html folders
> and the figures folder. As long as the two folders remain in the same
> location relative to each other, the html picks up the images
> just fine.
> HTH.