[l2h] Cross-platform deployment of user-searchable HTML documents (.hhc file)

Rob OConnor rob_ucd@yahoo.com
Sat, 24 Aug 2002 05:40:49 -0700 (PDT)

Hi list members,

I tried out latex2html and I must say, it is an
impressive piece of work.

I was wondering if there is a capacity in it to allow
generation of a html help table of contents file.
There is a new open-source version of a HTML help
viewer, similar to the MS help viewer, but this one is
small, fast, and runs on all OS's including Linux,
MacOS, OS/2, etc.

It is called HelpView. A screenshot of the viewer is

The most beneficial feature for deployment is that it
allows an end user to do easy client-side searching of
a phrase throughout all the generated HTML files
created by latex2html.

Implementation is pretty straightforward. There is:
(1)A single .hhc [html help contents] text file which
is almost exactly the same format as the
latex2html-generated contents page of links (except
that is used <object> tags/params instead of <a>
tags/params). The .hhc file makes the treeview on the
left pane. 
(2)A five-line or so .hhp [html help project] text
file that just gives a name of the book, and tells
what page is the first page to display.
These 2 files get zipped up with the rest of the html
files to make a book.

Has anyone any feedback, or anyone with some skills in
Perl would knows how to implement such a feature, if
it isn't in latex2html yet? (I will assist in anyway
possible--I am just have no skill at Perl).

Best wishes,

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