[l2h] Version Numbers and Changelog

Joachim Schlosser jo_latex2html@schlosser.info
20 Aug 2002 09:31:51 -0000

Hi Ross, 

I noticed that this weekend another new l2h release archive was put onto
the ftp. Wouldn't it be better to increase the version number and update
the changelog (which has its last entry for 0.98, BTW)?
A versioning would give more transparency about what has changed when,
and which release includes what bugfixes.
As l2h is the de-facto standard tool for LaTeX to HTML conversion, it
would be nothing strange if it would be traceable in terms of

And I really would like to thank you for some bugfixes, but don't want
to run a diff each time :-)

best regards
Joachim Schlosser