[l2h] External image links prob

Les Richardson richl@mail.tfsd.sk.ca
Fri, 16 Aug 2002 20:29:57 -0600 (CST)

Hi Ross, 


> Do you mean graphics using  \htmladdimg
> which show in the HTML but not in a paper version ?
>  In this case, if the directory is nearby, you just give the relative
> path; e.g.
>    \htmladdimg[....any options....]{../images/clouds.jpg}
> Note that you need to give the path from where the HTML pages
> will be accessed --- not from where the LaTeX source resides.

I am using external .png images in generating a provincial curriculum for
both a website and PDF printing. The problem is with the HTML

the LaTeX looks like:


but generated output looks like:

<img src="/root/curriculum/cycle.png">  

(I'm using entities since I don't know how this will render in your email

Just a while ago I found that by changing the setting in "graphicx.perl"
to $COPY_GRAPHICS = 1 the graphic files are copied and the generated HTML
now has the correct local directory path (i.e. src="cycle.png")

However, is this the "right way" to do it, since this just seems to be a
"side effect" of the copying process, but is exactly what I want.


Les Richardson

PS. Is there any work being done by anyone to generate MathML from LaTeX?
I'm not even sure if there is a good "correspondence" between TeX and
MathML. Just a thought.

> For images using \includegraphics  there is the \graphicspath
> command, that is used to list paths to search for images.
> This applies to both LaTeX and LaTeX2HTML.
> LaTeX2HTML tries to use a relative path whenever it can.
> Besides, the web-server uses a different file-system to the
> local operating system, so full paths can be meaningless.
> > Merci,
> Hope this helps,
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