[l2h] Install LaTeX2HTML on Windows XP

Daniel Young peacedan@yahoo.com
Thu, 15 Aug 2002 18:32:36 -0700 (PDT)

Well, this time things just don't work out. I
downloaded and installed Active Perl 503 and even 469,
which is the oldest one I could find from the site.
However, test.bat -debug still said p<num>.t01 not
found. I hope that this has nothing to do with the
directory name since this time I set 
$prefs{'TMPSPACE'} = 'C:\\tmp\\L2Himg';
in prefs.pm and the default temporary directory in all
subsequent files (l2hconf.pm, pstoimg.bat) changed to
that value; plus, I found the *.ps and p<num>.pnm in
the temporary directory.

The similar issue was stated in "Cannot convert images
in test sample file" of the 2001-November Archive, but
the following discussions seemed to focus on how to
find the temporary directory instead of the problem of
what pnmcrop.exe did. Although test.bat -debug said

GS>Running "C:\texfiles\netpbm\bin\pnmcrop.exe
-verbose   < C:\tmp\L2Himg\l2h896\p488.pnm >

this isn't true. The output files were actually
p<num>.t00 instead of p<num>.t01. No wonder why
p<num>.t01 files not found and images couldn't be
converted. Manually, this command works as expected,
but in .bat file it strangely creates p<num>.t00
files. Maybe that is a problem for NT or XP. The
question is that how do we force it to create .t01
files in the .bat file.

Thanks. -Daniel

> From: "Ulrich Diez"
> <ulrich.diez@student.uni-tuebingen.de>
> To: "latex2html" <latex2html@tug.org>
> Sent: 14 August 2002 23:56
> Subject: Re: [l2h] Install LaTeX2HTML on Windows XP
> >
> > Dear LATEX2HTML-installers,
> >
> > When trying to install LaTeX2HTML on different
> Windows-Systems
> > (Win95, Win 98, Win2000, WinXP) according to the
> manual of
> > Mr. Luis Seidel, I always made following
> experience:
> >
> > Install.bat and Test.bat or image-conversion in
> general always failed
> when
> > a release of ActiveStates ActivePerl newer than
> build 503 was
> installed.
> > Beneath other things, also problems with the
> numbering of the
> ps-images
> > occured.
> >
> > Using the newer builds, e.g. the newest one (633 I
> think), lead to
> errors
> > and failures.
> > I do not know the reason for this behavior.
> Nevertheless I thought it
> was a
> > good idea to tell this to the newsgroup. Probably
> somebody else can
> comment
> > on this.
> Would Daniel Young or anyone else having problems
> with image generation
> using Windows like to install an older version of
> Perl to see if it
> solves their problem? Older versions can be found at
> with
> the number in the filename giving the build.
> If this works then this would be a good workaround
> until the cause of
> the problem is found. If it also allows long file
> names then that would
> be fascinating.
> Steve Mayer

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