[l2h] Install LaTeX2HTML on Windows XP

Daniel Young peacedan@yahoo.com
Wed, 14 Aug 2002 11:30:19 -0700 (PDT)

--- Steve Mayer <mayer@dial.pipex.com> wrote:
> I think the problem has to do with using long file
> names, particularly
> with spaces in them. Texexpand can't cope with long
> file names; it
> probably believes that C:\My Documents refers to
> more than one file,
> delimited by the space. So I'm afraid that you will
> need to put tex
> documents to be converted into a different
> directory.
> I know that MiKTeX has been designed to cope with
> long file names but, I
> was under the impression that, following earlier
> problems with using
> C:\Program Files, the installation defaults to
> c:\texmf, but my
> information could well be out-of-date.
> I presume that when you manually added the version
> of dvips you also
> ensured that the path $DVIPS in l2hconf.pm is
> correct? I am not entirely
> sure that latex2html will be happy though with the
> long file name.
> I'm also not sure where you have chosen to install
> to latex2html. Is it
> to a short-named file directory (so that no
> occurrences of ~ appear in
> the 8.3 version)? If not try re-installing
> latex2html to such a
> directory.
> In a post in January 2001 (missing from the archive)
> it was
> reported that:
> "although the problem wasn't with the spaces (the
> full path was
> c:\programme\localtexmf\latex2html) but with the
> number of the letters:
> As soon as I installed LaTeX2HTML into c:\l2h
> everything worked fine."
> If this doesn't work it may mean that MiKTeX will
> need to be
> re-installed to c:\texmf. I would be interested to
> hear if anybody has
> got latex2html working with MiKTeX installed in
> C:\Program Files.
> Luis Seidel's advice that "it is probably a good
> idea to avoid
> directories or folders with spaces (e.g., Program
> Files)" is worth
> following. I would extend it to any program that
> involves TeX in some
> way. At the very least it will eliminate this as a
> possible source for
> errors.
> Steve Mayer

Thanks a lot. After re-installed MikTeX in another
directory with short name, I made one more step:
config.bat could read the version of dvips. However,
the images still didn't show up. Because of the
default setting of the platform, the default value of
$TMP in l2hconf.pm is C:\\DOCUME~1\\DANIEL~1\\Temp,
which still contains long directory name. So I changed
it to C:\\tmp\L2Himg (BTW, I also changed the default
image type to gif; default png didn't work either) and
ran it in debug mode. I could find that img001.ps and
img002.ps were in the temporary directory along with
two p*.pnm files and two p*.t00 files. test -debug
showed that pnmcrop.exe wanted p*.t01 for image
conversion. How do I fix this?
My Ghostscript version is 7.03 and Netpbm version is

Thanks. - Daniel

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