[l2h] Bug in \includegraphics handling

Ronny Standtke Ronny.Standtke@gmx.de
Sun, 11 Aug 2002 15:55:28 +0200


unfortunately I did not get a single response to my previous mail "Problems 
with lyx and latex2html". So here a small summary: I use lyx to write a 
complex document and export it from there to latex. I use LaTeX2HTML Version 
2K.1beta (1.62) (the one in Mandrake 8.2) to transform this into a set of 
HTML pages. Then I run into a problem...

I had more time to test and found out that if I have
in the latex version of my document, latex2html fails to convert the image.

But, if I scale the image in lyx it exports to
and suddenly latex2html works correctly!

So, basically latex2html seems to have a problem with the single 
\includegraphics statement. Could anyone on this list please verify this 
problem or even better, fix it?

Greetings & thanks a lot for an otherwise very helpful program!