[l2h] Problem with image positions

Nils Gundelach Nils@darktec.org
11 Aug 2002 02:43:31 +0200

Hi all,

i wrote a document with latex and ppchtex. ppchtex is great package for
writing texts with chemical structures.

latex2html doesn't support ppchtex style, so i put this in my

&::process_commands_in_tex (<<_RAW_ARG_CMDS_);
chemie # {}
startchemie # <<\\stopchemie>>

&::process_commands_in_tex (<<_RAW_ARG_CMDS_);
stellechemieein # [] 


this is a typical ppchtex part:

\hbox {
\chemie[SPACE,GIVES,SPACE][+\ OH^-]

I get an image for every \startchemie .. \stopchemie part and here is
the problem. The images have all a different height. This looks very
ugly in a browser because i can't center the images verticaly.

Is it possible to center the images ? The dvi file looks quite nice but
the html translation not :/ Maybe my definitions in /etc/latex2html.conf
are wrong.

Thanks for your time,
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