[l2h] bat files

ufo@sunny.vemt.bme.hu ufo@sunny.vemt.bme.hu
Tue, 6 Aug 2002 11:51:56 +0000

Dear Anybody,

I would like to install and try out the latex2html software on a PC
with win95 operation system. 

I have loaded, ungzipped and untared the latex2html-2002.tar.gz file
(from the Belgian mirror site) .

I have read the install file, and tried to do the installation 
procedure. However, I simply do not find the install.bat file, nor the
test.bat file. Somehow the instructions put in the install file and
the content of the  latex2html-2002.tar.gz file are not coherent.
I do not know how to install, configure, etc. Where can I find the
real instructions? Or, what kind of failure might I have done?

With thanks
Endre Rev
Dr. Endre Rev
Associate professor

Department of Chemical Engineering,
Budapest Univ. of Technology & Economics,
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