[l2h] netpbm

Klaus Simon simon@fh-fresenius.de
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 13:45:03 +0200

When I was trying to install latex2html under Windows 2000 I gat some
problems with the netpbm library. I downloaded a binary version of netpbm
that unfortunately did not contain some DLLs, e.g. libpbm.dll. Where can I
get the missing DLLs from? Thanks a lot for yor help!
Another question concerning the windvi-viewer and graphics: I tried to
include (\includegraphics) an eps-file produced by the Micrografx Picture
Publisher. Any time I wanted to see the page with the included picture, a
read-error occured. Does anyone have an idea why it doesn't work?
Again, many thanks for your help.
K. Simon