[l2h] Newbie installation troubles under Cygwin

Richard Armstrong rick@radiantflux.com
Sat, 29 Sep 2001 01:39:17 -0400


I'm completely new to latex2html and I'm having trouble installing
latex2html-99.2beta8 on Win98 under Cygwin. When I run the configure script,
I get this:

> configure:956: checking for perl
> configure:1001: checking whether #! works in shell scripts

> config.pl, Release 99.2beta8 (Revision 1.32)
> Accompanies LaTeX2HTML, (C) 1999 GNU Public License.

> checking for old config file (cfgcache.pm)... not found (ok)
> checking for platform... cygwin (DOS/Windows 3.x)
> checking for /usr/bin/perl... no
> checking perl version... 5.006001
> checking if perl supports some dbm... no
> Error: Perl reported DBM error: dbmopen failed
> LaTeX2HTML needs some DBM.

I've got the following external stuff:

perl 5.6.1 (for cygwin)
gdbm 1.8.0
Tex 3.14159
ghostscript 6.51
pnmtopng (I forget what version)

I can invoke all of these programs from the command-line (i.e., I can either
run the program or the test program, e.g. in the case of gdbm), so it would
seem that my path contains the necessary components.

I get the idea that I'm missing something really basic here.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,