[l2h] A small extension for the docu

Bruce Miller bruce.miller@nist.gov
Wed, 19 Sep 2001 11:16:53 -0400

That's sorta right, but ....
Actually, I wrote the code for graphicx that's currently in l2h, h 
but it was never intended to handle graphics (S not X).
I've submitted an improved version that handles both packages,
and also attempts to handle all options via netpbm calls.
[and all such attempts can be disabled or punted to LaTeX
as traditionally was done in l2h]

Ross, in addition to being swamped, is understandably worried
about the possible additional netpbm dependencies, given the
amount of difficulties we've had with various recent versions.
(changes to args & responses, ...)  

OTOH, the current setup has caused several people problems too.
So, I'd suggest either moving forward or back, but not leave it
like it is.

FWIW: The current graphic{s|x} code uses the following tools 
with options:
  pnmpad -white -l # -t # -r # -b #
  pnmcut -l # -t # -w # -h #
  pnmscale -width # -height #
  pnmrotate #
  pnmflip -xy -tb -lr
Is anybody familiar enough with netpbm to know whether these
commands, options (& thier behaviors!) are likely to be consistent
over enough recent versions to be "safe" ?

Steffen Klupsch wrote:
> I added a small paragraph on \includegraphics usage in feature.tex
> (of today's latex2html sources)
> Please add the diff or something better to the docs ;-)
> Regards, Steffen
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 1358a1359,1387
> > \medskip
> > \index{includegraphics@\Lc{includegraphics}}%
> > \index{images!includegraphics@\Lc{includegraphics}}\html{\\}%
> > \paragraph*{\Lc{includegraphics} commands.}
> >
> > Jpeg, Gif, Png and Eps Images may be included with the
> > \Lc{includegraphics} command. To use this
> > functionality load the graphicx package in the preamble.
> >
> > If you provide an image in vector format (eps) \textbf{and} as bitmap
> > (Jpeg, Gif, Png) the dvi output will use the eps file and the html output will
> > use the bitmap. Otherwise, eps files are automatically converted
> > to appropriate bitmaps. Please note that some options in the
> > \Lc{includegraphics} command might be neglected if used to
> > include bitmaps. Additionally please note that there is an
> > explicit search for a preconverted bitmap - ypu should better
> > delete the bitmap representations if you want the eps version to be used.
> >
> > The bitmaps are copied into your html tree if you set
> > \texttt{\$COPY\_GRAPHICS=1}, e.g. with
> > \newline
> > \texttt{\HTMLset{COPY\_GRAPHICS}{1}}
> > \newline
> > Otherwise, the html code will only include a link to the image as
> > specified in your \Lc{includegraphics} command.
> >
> > For further information read the comments in styles/graphicx.perl.
> >
> >

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