[l2h] Formulas getting a black border left and below

Heiko Schröder heikos@foni.net
Fri, 7 Sep 2001 04:02:58 +0200

Dear Ross,

when I changed over to the version 99.2 beta 8 after buying the new 
SuSE-Distribution an annoying behaviour of latex2html occurred which I never 
found before:

every formula even in a very primitive TeX-text gets after the command 
*latex2html -local_icons filename* a white background and black borders on 
the left side and at the bottom of the image. 

Since I never saw this problem (the bug that the contents vanishes when you 
choose a white background for your pagecolor is familiar to me) I  planned to 
use latex2html for a homepage that should support my pupils. Now I am very 
sad that this bug which never appeared before leads to a doubtful attitude if 
my plan will succeed.

Heiko Schroeder
Heiko Schroeder
Ahrensburg, Germany