[l2h] images with black lines around and gray/no transparent background

mono mono@arquimedes.utp.edu.co
Tue, 4 Sep 2001 19:00:47 -0500

Please excuse me if this problem is already solved but i can't find the answer in the list archives, only references to the problem (see transcript at the end of the message). In effect the netpbm version used in RH 7.1 is 9.9:

[mono@arquimedes mono]$ pnmcrop --version
pnmcrop: Version: Netpbm 9.9
pnmcrop: Compiled Mon Feb 12 11:32:27 EST 2001 by user "prospector"
pnmcrop: BSD defined
pnmcrop: RGB_ENV='RGBDEF'
pnmcrop: RGBENV= 'RGBDEF' (env vbl is unset)
[mono@arquimedes mono]$

And the latex2html used in this distro is the one included in the tetex package:

[mono@arquimedes mono]$ which latex2html
[mono@arquimedes mono]$ rpm -qf /usr/bin/latex2html
[mono@arquimedes mono]$ latex2html --version
This is LaTeX2HTML Version 2K.1beta (1.47)
by Nikos Drakos, Computer Based Learning Unit, University of Leeds.

[mono@arquimedes mono]$ 

I hope this information could be enough to solve the problem, in the meantime i'll be hacking the pstoimg script to see if i can fix the problem. We really urge to generate good looking html files from our latex code.

Thanks for your help.

Transcript from the list archives:

Dear Ross,

I think many people using latex2html on redhat have
this problem. I did some search for "netpbm" on
redhad. The latest version on redhat is 9.9, or some
thing like that. And I couldn't find LaTeX2HTML on
redhat, instead I got dhl ( a sort of "A fast LaTeX to
HTML translator.")

I don't know how people got latex2html on redhat. If
they have to install themselves, you should bundle
latex2html with the proper netpbm in the same tar ball
or a better way, a rpm file. Or you should warn people
not to install latex2html 2K on redhat.


I am using debian, with the old version of latex2html
and I am pretty satisfied with it.

--- Ross Moore <ross@ics.mq.edu.au> wrote:
> > Hello Aaron,
> > > Check out to
> see this problem.  Any idea why
> > the png's might be generated with borders like
> that?  Using latex2html v. 1.48. 
> > The particular piece of software which is either
> defective, or not installed
> correctly is called:  pnmcrop .
> This is part of the  netpbm  graphics utilities.
> > If I knew exactly which version of this you are
> using, then I could instruct
> you on how to alter the  pstoimg  script (part of
> LaTeX2HTML) so as to
> use your current version of  pnmcrop  to best
> advantage.
> > To learn the version, try the command:
> pnmcrop --version
> > It should respond something like as follows:
> > pnmcrop: Using libpbm from Netpbm Version: Netpbm
> 9.14
> pnmcrop: Compiled Sun Jun 10 00:28:02 EST 2001 by
> user "ross"
> pnmcrop: BSD defined
> pnmcrop: RGB_ENV='RGBDEF'
> pnmcrop: RGBENV= 'RGBDEF' (env vbl is unset)
> > > > Alternatively, you could update to the latest
> version of the netpbm
> utilities (version 9.16, I think it is now), but
> that could be
> a lot of work. Also, you'd need to reinstall
> LaTeX2HTML, to adapt
> to the updated graphics software.
> > > > Thanks.
> > > > Hope this helps,
> > Ross Moore
> > > > Aaron Krowne
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