[l2h] Re: latex2html digest, Vol 1 #181 - 3 msgs

Ross Moore ross@ics.mq.edu.au
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 21:11:30 +1100 (EST)

Hello everyone.

> Is anything wrong... I keep receiving this message over and over again... one per minute...
Yes; evidently something *is* wrong...

  ... but I have no idea what it is.

There have been very few reports of trouble so far.
There has been trouble in the past with the Digest facility,
and some of those reports have come from people receiving digests.

So I have cancelled *all* sending of digests from this list.
Those of you requesting digests will still get individual postings.

Please advise me if:

 1.  you are still getting multiple postings;
     (following receipt of this message)

 2.  you have already reported the problem, but were *not*
     receiving digests.

If the digester is indeed the cause of the multiple mailings, then there
will be a few days before it is fixed.
After that, you can re-instate digests by visiting the mailer page:


and logging-in to reset your preferences.
Alternatively, email me and request it.

I would like to apologise for the inconvenience, but at present
I do not know whether or not that would be premature.

Please be patient while we try to diagnose and fix the
problem. But do report if you are still receiving multiple postings
in non-digest form.

Thank you,

	Ross Moore