[l2h] Patch for cygwin

Karl E Nelson kenelson@llnl.gov
Wed, 17 Oct 2001 18:13:28 -0700

At 08:51 AM 10/18/2001 +1000, you wrote:
> >
> > I got latex2html to install on the latest cygwin, however to get the
> > configure to pass I had to alter the configure to recognize cygwin as
> > a UNIX.
> >
> > Patch attached.  Hope it helps.
>Thanks Karl.
>Since  cygwin  is not a platform with which I have direct experience,
>can anyone comment further on this, please.
>Has cygwin always been Unix ?

Don't think it always has been as I remember years back that I ran
tcsh and the root was the C:/ but in the current version root is c:/cygwin 
and all commands refer to a unix like tree.  That
is you mount and umount things under the directories (mount
points and all).  "Real" drives mount themselves as 
'/cygwin/{drive}'  automatically.   If you either wrap the entry points to
go through cygwin shells or only call it from in cygwin, it
currently looks just like unix.  (ls, chmod, chown, tar, gzip,
perl, ...)

>Or is this just a recent change ?
>Are there any problems that can be forseen by simply regarding
>  cygwin  as another Unix platform ?

Some because the enviroment variables often get confused.  When
launched from inside a cygwin shell the paths are unix (path:path)
with the fictional root.  When launched directly from windows the
paths are windows like.  Further, TEXMF and  other variables flip-flop
as well so you may get "C:\cygwin\usr\share\texmf" or
"/usr/share/texmf" depending on how you get called.

I should note the patch I sent is only for running "tetex"
configuration under cygwin. I have no experience with running
MikTex or the others.  tetex is currently supplied as contrib from

>Comments please.

Looks though like I spoke to soon at to fully working.  Although
properly installed, the example dir didn't build right.  Died
on "Error: no such image type ''."

Will search the archives and see if I can send a patch for fix
the rest of it.