[l2h] latex2html CVS repository

John A. Turner turner@blueskystudios.com
Tue, 9 Oct 2001 12:21:35 -0400

>>>>> "MR" == Marek Rouchal <marek@btfmd1.fs.uni-bayreuth.de>:

MR> the CVS repository had to be moved to a new server. This should however be
MR> transparent for you. I hope my friends at Bayreuth will update DNS soon,
MR> then everything should work pretty normally.
MR> If you need to update NOW, you need to change the host name in
MR> $HOME/.cvspass and all the .../CVS/Root files from
MR> "saftsack" to "btfmx1". Note: "saftsack" is now an alias for "btfmd1" but
MR> will be changed to point to "btfmx1" soon.
MR> To all those who have direct access (Ross): The server is now
MR> btfmx1.fs.uni-bayreuth.de. Please do any admin tasks there,
MR> btfmd1.fs.uni-bayreuth.de will be phased out.

does this mean that the L2H repository is open for read-only access by
users?  if so, can you please let us know the appropriate path and password
for anonymous access?  it should be something of the form:

% cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@btfmx1.fs.uni-bayreuth.de:/CVSROOT/latex2html login
(Logging in to anonymous@btfmx1.fs.uni-bayreuth.de)
CVS password: 

with either nothing or an e-mail address or something to log in, and then
something like:

% cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@btfmx1.fs.uni-bayreuth.de:/CVSROOT/latex2html co latex2html

to check it out

for some time I've been hoping that such access would become available...

one other thing - the download page in the manual:


has a broken link to the CVS repository:


so, we can't even browse it at the moment - substituting the new server
name for saftsack doesn't help


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