[l2h] problem with section-markers

Ralf Scholl rasch@skillsonline.de
Sun, 7 Oct 2001 18:21:45 +0200

Hello Ross, hello all out there,
I have  a little problem with the automatically generated vs. the
user-defined markers for chapters, sections, subsections etc.

When I want to reference a section from another section, I have to introduce
a TeX-marker.
I did this like in:

\chapter{The accurate location of an aircraft}

The problem is, that this is converted to the following html:

<H1><A NAME="SECTION00210000000000000000">
<SPAN CLASS="arabic">1</SPAN>.<SPAN CLASS="arabic">1</SPAN> Introduction</A>
<A NAME="sec:nonl:intro"></A>

This means that any reference to this section is pointing to a marker, which
is 2 lines below the chapter/section heading in the html.
So this chapter/section-heading is not visible (you have to scroll up, to
see it).
This is really unpleaseant.
Is there any possibility to avoid this behaviour? Or even a workaround?

Any hints are highly appreciated!

Ralf Scholl