[l2h] Cannot convert images in test sample file

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> LaTeX2HTML uses 2 temporary locations to write files while working.
> Both are deleted at the end of the run, *unless* the -debug  switch is


> According to this, it may be that the NT operating system, or a process
> initiated by browser software, is deleting the contents of the temporary
> directory *before* LaTeX2HTML has finished using those files.

I realize that some are not as fortunate as others and must run NT :-) but
it is not Nt that is deleting them.  It is, as you say, lth that is deleting
them.  The problem is, at least by my observations, that l2h for some reason
(when trying to convert the images) sometimes wants to use the same
directory it used in the previous run, which is of course, no longer exists
because l2h "deleted" it :-)

> If this is indeed the case, then having  l2h<num>  created in a different
> location may well be appropriate on the NT platform.
> Ways to do this are outlined above. Please test this and report success
> or failure.

I will try this, but definitive results may take a while since this is an
intermittent problem (at least on my box.)

> Remember to use -debug  at first, so that you can check where the
> directory is in fact located.
> Is this just a  Windows 2000 effect ?
> (Others have been using NT for quite a long time without this problem.)

This is NT, and I doubt that NT is the culprit.  L2h is looking for
something that simply is not there (but was there on a previous run.)  I'm
not saying it's l2h's fault either.  hel, it's probably the operator's
fault!  ...but highly improbable :-).  I _thought) I was wrong once, but it
turned out I was mistaken about that :-)

Thank you for your assistance.


> Thanks for the observations.
> I hope you can figure what is causing the problem and find
> a simple fix for it.
> All the best,
> Ross Moore
> > Darrell
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