[l2h] \citet[\S3]{Smith:2002}

Bruce Miller bruce.miller@nist.gov
Sun, 25 Nov 2001 23:41:34 -0500

Hi again;
   Found a fairly troubling problem that I can't see the best fix for.
Using natbib, although I'd assume other bibstyles would lead to the same 
If the optional text in a \cite contains things like \S or \P, these are 
correctly transformed into decimal character entities {  (whatever
number, I forget).

However, the citation info is packed into a hash using the old pre-perl 5
approach of joining various strings using "#" ... uh-oh.

In fact, the fix could be as simple as using "##" or something less likely
than a single # to join with...  But the technique is soooo pervasive
throughout l2h, (not to mention # is the comment char) I haven't quite got
the stomach to try to replace all the `right' ones.

Is there an alternative?
[btw: a paper-over patch is to redefine
   sub do_cmd_S { join('', '§', $_[0]);}
   sub do_cmd_P { join('', '¶', $_[0]);}
but that just postpones the problem till next week.]