[l2h] Re: l2h example

Franco A. Bignone abignone@unige.it
Fri, 23 Nov 2001 08:41:12 +0100


I am a newcomer to this list, the reason being that I am trying to set up a
bundle of programs on the web,
and I would like to do it automatically from "noweb" and LaTeX files.

After setting up latex2html (the most recent three versions) and running the
Makefile coming with the bundle
on the "example" program given, under Linux RedHat 6.1, I get a problem which
is present similarly
also when running my files:  the list of figures dosen't link to the correct
location on the pages.

In the "report" example, while cross referencing and index work, in the list of
figures instead of getting
the correct link one get : node2html#29 , while the two figures given should be
referenced differently
(by the way there is no \label in the two Fig. examples, so I was putting them,
but still the bahaviour is
the same).

I was looking into the mailing list archive but I do not find any mention to
this problem, is it known ?
Am I the only one encountering this, meaning that there is something wrong with
my settings ?
Some "magic" word not set correctly ? Some silly reason I do not see ?



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