AW: [l2h] links support

Gerhard Poul
Sun, 18 Nov 2001 20:23:56 +0100

>   The "contents" and "index" links are probably not too hard to
> generate, and appearanly are among the most interesting for many.  I
> managed to add support for these for the Python documentation (see the
> latest development version using Mozilla with the "Site Navigation
> Bar" enabled;
> There is definately more that could be done (the sectioning support
> would be nice!)

can you please share a patch with me so I can see what you changed? - maybe
that will help me to understand how the current solution is working and what
you did.

btw: the URL you provided is producing a 404.

>  > The reason <LINK> has not been exploited more extensively within
>  > LaTeX2HTML has been lack of browser support. But if that is changing,
>  > then certainly it becomes worthwhile to put some more effort into
>  > providing improved support for this aspect of the markup.
>   Definately.  The <link> seems potentially very nice to have in
> larger documents where the HTML is generated rather than maintained
> manually.


>   What I did was to use a modified  make_head_and_body()  that
> includes the additional elements for rel="first", rel="contents" (when
> present), and rel="index" (when present).  That's probably not the
> best way to do it; it would be nice to have a set of variables that
> could be populated with the right values, and I imagine those could be
> handled automatically.  rel="last" should not be hard, but I just
> passed on that since I has no idea how to get the right target.
>   Note that Mozilla does not currently handle things like multiple
> rel="index" links properly; it just uses the first one.  This is
> covered by an existing bug report.