[l2h] Latex2html and bibtex

Stephen Marsland smarsland@cs.man.ac.uk
Tue, 06 Nov 2001 12:32:35 +0000


I can't find a mention of this problem with latex2html and bibtex in the
archives. Sorry if I missed it.

In the bibliography the first page number of any article is missing (see
example below). This only happens for articles, not for book or
conference papers. 

S. Albrecht, J. Busch, M. Kloppenburg, F. Metze, and P. Tavan. 
       Generalised radial basis function networks for classification and
novelty detection: Self-organisation of optimal Bayesian decision. 
       Neural Networks, 13:- 1093, 2000. 

The bibtex file is fine and latex produces the bibliography fine. The
.bbl file has the correct information in it.

I'm using latex2html version 2K.1beta (1.47), but the same problem
occurs with version 99.2.

Any ideas?



Stephen Marsland, Lecturer, Robotics and AI Research Group
Room 2.64, Department of Computer Science, University of Manchester, UK