[l2h] No equation/images in win98 - please help!

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Sat, 3 Nov 2001 11:09:03 -0000

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Subject: [l2h] No equation/images in win98 - please help!

> I can't find a solution elsewhere, forgive me if the answer has been
> and I couldn' find it.
> re: latex2html-99.2beta8
> I've installed latex2html in win98, run config.bat (results below), then
> the test program which worked perfectly except that the equations do not
> appear in the web pages (image1 appears instead).
> Please help, I've spent the last 16 hours trying to figure out where I've
> gone wrong
> Thanks again
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> ===I know I probably shoudn't, but I've included the output from
> config.bat====
> ===Every thing seems to be OK ???==================================
> =================================

In order to solve this problem it would be a good idea to have a look at the
screen output particularly when (or if) the images are being created.
Unfortunately, only the warnings appear in a log (what does it say?) so you
will need a lot of fast Pause button pushing, then copying and pasting the
text elsewhere. If this text doesn't help you, maybe you should post it

As far as the config.log is concerned, yes it does look OK except that I
would not put tex related programs in C:\Program Files. Some of these
programs don't like spaces (or ~) in folder or file names, sometimes giving
obscure errors, which is why the latest version of Miktex defaults to
C:\texmf. Thus the first thing I would do is check the output to see that
dvips is operating correctly. Secondly, I would look to see if the images
are being created but are in a different directory from that in which the
html file expects to find them.

But it's the screen output that is the key. If necessary increase the
verbosity level to get more information.

Steve Mayer