[l2h] Probably a bug...

Geert Kloosterman geertk@ai.rug.nl
Thu, 17 May 2001 12:03:47 +0200


I couldn't find anything in the documentation on this, so I suppose
this is a bug.  I've checked it with the latest version I could find,

The included minimal LaTeX document describes the problem.
When you look at the HTML output you'll see what's wrong.  I've put it
online at:


Here's the document:

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\title{My title}
\author{Geert Kloosterman}

The BLOCKQUOTE code will mess up here:
This is verbatim text

Here, without the nested verbatim environment, the BLOCKQUOTE
environment doesn't get messed up:
This isn't verbatim text\ldots{}

This isn't the desired behaviour, is it?

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Friendliest regards,

Geert Kloosterman