[l2h] Problem with Images

Henningsen alg@glinx.com
Wed, 16 May 2001 12:46:36 -0300

I've built latex2html, and do the "make test" to see whether it works
alright, but it fails on the images for the formulas with this error message:

Converting image #1 pstoimg: Error: "/usr/bin/pnmcrop < /tmp/l2h696/p718.pnm
| /usr/bin/pnmcrop -bot | /usr/bin/pnmcrop -l | /usr/bin/pnmcrop -r |
/usr/bin/pnmcrop -l | /usr/bin/ppmquant -floyd 256 | /usr/bin/pnmtopng
-interlace -trans '#ffffff'  > img1.png" failed: Illegal seek  

I've installed the latest version of netpbm, and checked that pnmcrop,
ppmquant and pnmtopng are actually in /usr/bin, which they are. I also
checked all the versions of the required programs, and I fulfill those
requirements (except the database stuff, which I did not check, since it
doesn't seem to have anything to do with this error, and I'm not doing an
install until the program actually works).

Any help would be much appreciated.
Peter Henningsen

Here is the full output of the test:

[peter@localhost latex2html-2K.1beta]$ make test
LATEX2HTMLDIR=/home/peter/latex2html-2K.1beta; export LATEX2HTMLDIR ; \
latex2html='' ; \ for file in latex2html bin/latex2html*
bin/unix/latex2html*; do \   test -s $file && latex2html=$file break ; \
done ; \ if test -n "$latex2html"; then \   echo "*** Running test on
$latex2html"; \   cd tests ; /usr/bin/perl ../$latex2html -test_mode
l2htest ; \ fi *** Running test on latex2html This is LaTeX2HTML Version
2K.1beta (1.50) by Nikos Drakos, Computer Based Learning Unit, University of
Revised and extended by:  Marcus Hennecke, Ross Moore, Herb Swan and others
...producing markup for HTML version 3.2 

Loading /home/peter/latex2html-2K.1beta/versions/html3_2.pl 
 *** processing declarations *** 
Loading /home/peter/latex2html-2K.1beta/versions/latin1.pl OPENING
Cannot create directory l2htest/: File exists, reusing it. Reusing directory
Note: Working directory is /home/peter/latex2html-2K.1beta/tests/l2htest
Note: Images will be generated in /tmp/l2h696 
texexpand V2K.1beta (Revision 1.11) 

Loading /home/peter/latex2html-2K.1beta/styles/texdefs.perl... Loading
/home/peter/latex2html-2K.1beta/styles/article.perl Reading ... ++ @@@ 
Doing ./basic.tex %%%  *** opening brace #27  is unmatched ***  preceding:
\Large Large and {\bf boldface 

 *** opening brace #28  is unmatched ***  preceding: \bf boldface 

Processing macros ...++ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 
Doing ./basicinc.tex %%%  *** matching brace #28 found *** 
 *** matching brace #27 found *** 
Processing macros ...++ @@@@@@@@@@@ 
Doing ./formulas.tex %% Processing macros ...++ @@@ 
Translating ... 0/6:top of l2htest:"LaTeX2HTML Test Document" for l2htest.html 
 *** translating preamble *** ....  *** preamble done *** ;;. 
1/6:section:.."Some basic stuff" for node1.html ;..; 
2/6:subsection:..."Fonts" for node2.html ;.....................;..  
3/6:subsection:..."Lists" for node3.html ;.,..,..;.  
4/6:subsection:..."Table" for node4.html ;..,..;  
5/6:section:.."Mathematic formulas" for node5.html ;.,.,;.  
6/6:sectionstar:.."About this document ..." for node6.html ;;.  
Writing image file ...  
This is TeX, Version 3.14159 (Web2C 7.3.1) (./images.tex LaTeX2e
<1998/12/01> patch level 1 Babel <v3.6x> and hyphenation patterns for
american, french, german, ngerman, i talian, nohyphenation, loaded.  
 *** processing 2 images ***  
Generating postscript images using dvips ... This is dvips(k) 5.86 Copyright
1999 Radical Eye Software (www.radicaleye.com) ' TeX output 2001.05.16:1229'
-> /tmp/l2h696/image (-> /tmp/l2h696/image001)
<texc.pro><special.pro><color.pro>[1] (-> /tmp/l2h696/image002)
<texc.pro><special.pro><color.pro>[2] Converting image #1 pstoimg: Error:
"/usr/bin/pnmcrop < /tmp/l2h696/p718.pnm | /usr/bin/pnmcrop -bot |
/usr/bin/pnmcrop -l | /usr/bin/pnmcrop -r | /usr/bin/pnmcrop -l |
/usr/bin/ppmquant -floyd 256 | /usr/bin/pnmtopng -interlace -trans '#ffffff'
> img1.png" failed: Illegal seek  
Error while converting image Converting image #2 pstoimg: Error:
"/usr/bin/ppmquant -floyd 256 < /tmp/l2h696/p730.pnm | /usr/bin/pnmtopng
-interlace -trans '#ffffff'  > img2.png" failed: Illegal seek  
Error while converting image  
Doing section links ................ Done.  
To view the results, point your browser at:
[peter@localhost latex2html-2K.1beta]$