[l2h] html text sizes

Ragnar Wisløff ragnar@wisloff.no
Sat, 31 Mar 2001 13:31:18 +0200

lørdag 31. mars 2001 12.09, skrev du :

> Do you know about CSS style-sheets ?
> With a style-sheet, you can map (almost) any markup tag
> to have its content represented with whatever fonts, weights,
> color and size that you choose.
> By default, LaTeX2HTML produces the skeleton of a style sheet
> linked to your HTML pages. It is then up to you to edit
> this style-sheet so as to add whatever presentation feature
> that you may desire. The file is in the same folder
> as the generated HTML pages, with extension .css .
> It is plain text, so easily editable.
> (Any edits you make are *not* destroyed with a subsequent run
> of LaTeX2HTML on the same document.)

Great, I hadn't noticed that in the directory, but you're of course 
right. I'll fiddle with the style sheet to get the effects I need. 

> For more information about style-sheets and the properties that
> can be imposed using them, consult the site:  www.w3c.org .
> Hope this helps.

Thanks. I might be back if I can't get it to work ...

Ragnar Wisløff
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